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PGA 2000 Utilities

For information on how to add a utility see the Uploading page.

PGA 2000 Program
PGA 2000 Installation Package
PGA 2000 Patches
Patch - Collector's Edition
PGA 2000 Utilities Notes
Library Cloaking Tool
CLSetup Install courses directly from zip files.
Library Identification Tool
Diguelo's IP Grabber
Diguelo's Course Collator V4.0
Other Utilities
Golf Sim Clubhouse PGA 2000 Upload Program
File Date Changer V1.1
Visual Basic run time files VBrun60
Kali Version 2613 Installer
Talk Programs
Roger Wilco Version Installer and Keygen
Roger Wilco Version Setup Tutorial
Teamspeak rc2_2032 Installer
TeamSpeak Installation and Setup Tutorial
PGA 2000 Players
PGA 2009 President's Cup
PGA 2008 Ryder Cup
PGA 2006 Ryder Cup
PGA Professional Tour Players 2000 - V6
Ladies Tour 2000
PGA Tour Schedule 2010
PGA Tour Schedule 2008
PGA Tour Schedule 2011
PGA Professional Tour Players - 1860s
PGA Professional Tour Players - 1870s
Tour PGA Professional Tour Players - 2000
PGA Professional Tour Players - 2007
PGA Professional Tour Players - 2011
PGA Professional Tour Players - 2012
PGA Professional Tour Players - 2014
PGA Professional Tour Players from the 50s and 60s
PGA 2000 Sounds
PGA 2000 Metal Woods Sounds
PGA 2000 Caddyshack Sounds
PGA 2000 Listings
Courses: Correct Modified Dates and Times
Custom Libraries: Correct Modified Dates and Times
Dar's A-List Courses
Dar's B-List Courses
PGA 2000 Course Screenshots
PGA 2000 Course Custom Library Cross Reference
PGA 2000 Courses by Designer
Diguelo's Course Collator V4.0 Tutorial
Kali Setup and Game Play Tutorials
PGA 2000 Game Play Tutorials
PGA 2000 Game Setup Tutorials
File Date Changer V1.1 Tutorial
PGA 2000 Design
Classic Golf Course Design Website - in SWF format
Copyright Club Course Panos
Copyright Club Course Reviews
Copyright Club Design Tutorials - Folder 1
Copyright Club Design Tutorials - Folder 2
PGA 2000 Course Plots Notes
Kapalua 2008 Collaboration Plot
Mai Nui 'ekahi 2008 Collaboration Course
Mill Creek 2009 Collaboration Plot
Mill Creek Final 2009 Collaboration Course
yerplot Contest
Contest Plot 2005 Contest
Death Door Bluff 2010 Contest
Abernathy Park, Jocassee Shoals, and Mecklenburg Greens Steve Opfer, Jim Dickson, and Ken McHale Stock Courses
Chloe Ann Golf Club Steve Opfer Course
Carolina Cottonmouth Terry Grayson Course
Links at Donofrio Bay Terry Grayson Course
Quail Hollow Club Terry Grayson Course
Links Course at Hatteras Isle Terry Grayson Course
The Cliffs at Stone Forest Terry Grayson Course
The Tribute at Heavens Stairway Terry Grayson Course
Fox Plot
The Plot

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