Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

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Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby BrianZ111 » August 21st, 2014, 3:57 pm

Course: Elysium Fields CC (27.6 MB)
Type: Fictional, Hybrid
Designer: Polslad
Date: 8/18/2014
Images: Sp, #3, #5, #18
Libraries Used: beartooth, Castle_Stewart, coosbay, northamerican, oceanside, pebblebeach, woodfordpark
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby SteveHorn » August 22nd, 2014, 10:10 am

I think this is a first for me! I'm the first person to review a newly released course. I rarely get the chance to play them right out of the gate. Elysium Fields is a must have for everyone. Is it perfect? No but its SUPERB. On the knit picking end I thought some of the colorful schrubs on the first few holes, there was to many and slightly to large. Also #2 green (#14 at Muirfield Village) needed to slope towards the water. But how many people really know how most greens are. On the opposite end I thought David nailed it spot on with #5 green (#17 TPC Sawgrass) with both of its swells front left and back right. The planting on the links style holes was excellent. I really liked the looks of the gorse behind #12 green, all the green with some yellow expertly mixed in and tight together and sized properly.
The shoreline cliffs and rocks look fantastic. To truely appreciate all the detail put into Elysium Fields you need to hit that zero key on your computer at every tee and probably every shot. It truely is outstanding. David I truely believe this is your finest work and you've had some excellent previous course's. (FANTASTIC JOB) Elysium Fields will rate very high amoungst my all time favorite course's. Almost forgot to mention I shot (-5) Almost aced #5, came down the slope (front left) to 2 feet and my only bogey was on #10. Favorite hole is probably #6 SO MANY GREAT ONES it's hard to decide.
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby the magician » August 24th, 2014, 7:37 am

I very much enjoyed playing this course. The textures, placements, etc are all great. Ball rolls true on the greens. Visually looks fantastic from hole to hole which is better then seeing a course where all the holes look the same. Hole #7 in my opinion, jumps out to me :up: This type of great design and course keeps others and myself coming back. Thanks for your HARD work making courses like this.
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby tincup » August 25th, 2014, 8:05 am

This is an incredibly masterful job of blending 18 classic holes from courses around the world into a natural looking and very playable course. Well done Pol.... :bow:
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby hookster » August 25th, 2014, 1:16 pm

Played it the other night with the other fellas and enjoyed it tons. Awesome playability and very true rolls on the greens. Keep em coming guys. Can`t wait to play the next one. :bg: :bg:
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby stillgolfing » August 25th, 2014, 6:31 pm

This amazing blending of 18 disparate holes shows off the incredible design talent of Polsad. Truly fantastic!
On a sadder note, I and my ani-buddies always test a new course under benign conditions. I have no idea why, but I shot a new low for me (-7) while my ani buddies (set up to be competitive with me) just blew their brains out (avrg +6). I've never seen that before. Too bad for them. I'll just play this course over and over again ... suck on that you virtual computer a**holes! :laugh:
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby sandwedge » November 22nd, 2014, 2:30 pm

Just got around to playing this course. Cannot really add anything that hasn't already been said or pointed out about the course and its detail and playability. It is certainly a course that has replay value to it. Thanks for the effort. It is a keeper!
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Re: Elysium Fields CC by Polslad [New Course]

Postby Terry Grayson » February 28th, 2015, 9:22 pm

Well I finally reinstalled PGA yesterday and picked up a few courses...

This was one of them..

David, I really enjoyed this golf course... What a great representation of these great holes.... I loved the views on 5 and 6, and when I happened upon the tee shot on 13 I absolutely loved that view... The colors, the terrain just outstanding...

Everything is top notch on this golf course... I got hung up on a par three on the front side and kept knocking my chip shot into the water... LOL I got a 15 yes a 15 on that hole...

Outstanding work bud.. Loved this course
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