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Golf Sim Clubhouse - World Golf Challenge 2011

WGC 2011 Courses Catalog

Alphabetical by Name Course Listing 167 Courses
Real Courses Only List 106 Courses

Note: Some courses are listed in multiple locations. For images, hole number is indicated with the # sign. Stock courses from the portal are listed but not currentlly hosted on this site. Click the portal link next to the course name to download these. For information on how to add a course see the uploading page.

Latest Course Releases

Real Version Course Designer Date Size Images Notes
Real Kiawah Island Turtle Point Golf Course Terry Armstrong 4/23/2016 103.73 Hover Over Course Row to ExitHoles 1 to 13 put the sound down a bit, Hole 14,15,16 put the sound up to hear the ocean better, and put the sound down at bit for Holes 17,18, Terry ArmstrongMore [+]
V.2 Mapleview Country Club Terry Armstrong 1/3/2016 72.59
The Preserve Brian Silvernail 8/2/2015 113.28
Real Chambers Bay Golf Course Terry Armstrong 2/6/2015 155.64
Barren Valley Brian Silvernail 1/27/2015 141.19
Real Plainfield Country Club Jeff Helton 11/9/2014 90.66
Real The Wilderness at Fortune Bay Jeff Helton 9/15/2014 89.9
Real Conway Farms Golf Club Jeff Helton 8/12/2014 111.13
Real Liberty National Golf Course Terry Armstrong 8/9/2014 146.93
Real Spirit Hollow Golf Course Jeff Helton 6/21/2014 134.77
Real Birdsfoot Golf Club Jeff Helton 5/23/2014 118.9
Real Laurel Valley Golf Club Jeff Helton 4/28/2014 99.86
Real Interlachen Country Club Jeff Helton 3/7/2014 95.01
Real The Champion Course at PGA National Resort & Spa Terry Armstrong 1/14/2014 111.94
Real The Tuxedo Club Jeff Helton 12/20/2013 91.99
Real Longaberger Golf Club Jeff Helton 10/12/2013 110.03
Seascape Country Club Terry Armstrong 10/10/2013 127.73 Hover Over Course Row to ExitSeascape is a fictional course with the flipped version of Pebble Beach, seaside in the UK somewhere. I added some people along the tee mounds and greens. Seascape CC has turned out to be the answer to Pebble Beach in the UK, enjoy, Terry ArmstrongMore [+]
Real Dacotah Ridge Golf Club Jeff Helton 9/26/2013 76.95
Real Langdon Farms Golf Club Stephen Faupel 7/20/2013 103.12
Real The Highlands of Elgin Golf Course Jeff Helton 7/19/2013 96.52
Real V.2013 The Jubilee Course at St. Andrews Golf Links Brian Silvernail 7/19/2013 107.66
Real Inverness Club Terry Armstrong 7/17/2013 104.04 #1, #3, #4, #6, #18 Hover Over Course Row to ExitInverness Club is a nationally recognized private club, building on a rich heritage to provide its members and quests a memorable experience. We are thoughtful stewards of a historic, world-class golf course. Rooted in Midwestern values and family-oriented, we strive for excellence in a broad range of amenities and activities for our members. EnjoyMore [+]
Real Lookaway Golf Club Jeff Helton 6/8/2013 137.17
Real V.2013 The Olympic Club (Lake Course) Jeff Helton 5/23/2013 112.34
Real The Quarry Golf Course at Giants Ridge Golf Resort Jeff Helton 5/14/2013 97.83
Real V.2013 Village Links of Glen Ellyn Jeff Helton 5/14/2013 165.06
Real V.2013 PGA National at The Belfry Jeff Helton 4/21/2013 74.11
Real Dallas National Golf Club Jeff Helton 4/21/2013 127.22
Real Elgin Country Club Jeff Helton 3/10/2013 126.73
V.2013 Autumn Hills Country Club Jeff Helton 2/17/2013 129.84
Real The Ridges Golf Course Brian Zager 2/4/2013 128.23 #1, #4, #6, #9, #12, #13, #14, #17 Hover Over Course Row to ExitThe Ridges Golf Course is a real course located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. It is 6,289 yards long and plays to a par of 72. The front 9 was built in 1963 and the back 9 was added later.This rendition is mostly true to the original course. I did create a fictional tee on about half the holes that makes the course longer to keep the hazards in play for the 300+ yard drives of WGC. When playing the "WGC" tee, the tee markers that are black are fictional tees while the ones that are blue are the real blue tee. You can play from the real blue tees the whole round or any of the other real tees by choosing them in the game options. I find it fun to occasionally take the driver or even all woods out of the bag and play from these shorter tees.The other disclaimer to the realism of this is that over the past few years, some of the bunkers on the course were removed or made smaller. I think the way they were before made the course more interesting so I left them in for this rendition. I did include some of the newer changes they made too though such as the concrete cart paths. So in a way this rendition is sort of a hybrid of old and new.There are five pins on each hole: three normal pins, one easy pin and one hard. I did this because three pins do not make for enough variety in my opinion. If you need a consistent pin placement for tournaments or multiple groups playing online, choose either the easy or hard pin.For more details about the process of building the course see the included text file or my website: you enjoy the course.BrianMore [+]
Real The Links at Bodega Harbour Brian Silvernail 2/2/2013 118.27

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