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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby SteveHorn » January 18th, 2011, 10:01 am

Glen Haven was choose to host the Honda Classic. This course definatly has the WOW factor going for it. Its has possibly the best textures I've ever seen for a course. The planting throughout the dunes is phenominal. I pretty much agree with what has already been posted. This course is one I fill you can go low on even though my first two rounds were 71 & 70
( made the cut ) That short par 3 sure is tricky,( I think its #7 ) First round I landed 8 feet behind the pin and the ball found the water( OUCH ). I still have 2 courses to play but I think this course has a very good chance to win. My only negatives are I thought most of the holes were fairly standard. Nothing really stood out as a fantastic hole design. They are all very good though. Also for the elevation of the plot going up over 100 feet above the water in areas I though the dunes on some holes were to high above the water. Those are only 2 very small things I noticed and did'nt effect my enjoyment of this course.
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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby A Brandt » January 18th, 2011, 11:05 am

Thank you for the kind words Steve! I realize that most of my designs are criticized for being kind of boring when it comes to design and strategy. That is probably the area I am still (slowly) learning to master. And as for the dunes being so high, you should visit the Sleeping Bear sand dunes in northern Michigan, the area this course is located in. The dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan tower hundreds of feet above the water! It really is breathtaking!
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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby Polslad » January 18th, 2011, 4:14 pm

Go to your thesaurus and copy 30 words to describe 'absolutely fantastic'.
Outstanding work.
Liked the dune side more than the wooded side.
Not even gonna nitpick with the pano.
Simply majestic.
'And the bar has been cranked up yet another notch'.
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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby SteveHorn » January 19th, 2011, 11:33 am

Honda Classic 3rd round score 67. A couple more things I forgot to mention. You make such outstanding hole signs but only a few are visable from the tourny tees. Also besides the looks of the textures I think the coefficents are A+. I enjoy the course a little more each time I play it. Thats one of the reasons I need more then 1 round to determine a courses score.
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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby Indy Anna Jones » January 19th, 2011, 4:36 pm

Pops, Jack and I just finished playing our afternoon round and are in agreement that this is a super looking course and a lot of fun to play.

I agree with Spencer and Terry's comments; anything else would just be a repeat of what's already been said. I also agree with Terry that about the shortcoming with this course is that there's little challenge on the drives; the fairways are wide with little to make you lay up or challenge a longer drive (with a few exceptions.) Narrowing the landing areas or some fairway bunkers would have made it a little more interesting IMO.

I especially liked the greens. There was plenty of movement and although some pins would be a pretty good challenge on dry (we played a/n/b again) none that we had seemed unfair or punitive.

Beautiful job, Adam. I look forward to playing it again.
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Re: Glen Haven by Adam Brandt [Contest Course]

Postby LinksLegend » January 22nd, 2011, 4:43 pm

Wow - Glen Haven is an absolute cracker!

Everything is incredibly well done here, the planting, textures, bunker work etc - all technical areas get an 'A+' in my view. Adam's command of the architect is up there with the best - especially in view of also creating new textures, a big feather in the cap, and I loved the rough texture used - really added some depth and realism for me.

The whole course is very realistic and has that feeling that it could easily exist in real life.

Favourite holes include the 3rd, a beautiful and testing par 3 hugging the coastline. The 5th is a subtle beauty. A wide fairway is offered on the drive, but if you finish in the right half, you are blocked out from going for the green by trees and have to lay up left, leaving a tricky chip to an elevated green. A drive hugging the left side (protected by a long bunker) will be rewarded with a great view and a very reachable second. I really enjoyed the strategy and green site here - genuinely one of the most enjoyable single holes I've played in this game.

Other holes of note for me were the par 5 8th and the 11th with its green reminiscent of the 4th at Spyglass Hill. The 12th is a pretty little par 4 with a wonderful green site cut in to the hill. The 15th had another lovely green site, and a lot more movement in the green which I appreciated as I think it is sometimes underestimated how undulating real greens can be - especially on links or coastline golf courses.

The 17th was also a potentially THE signature hole for me at a the perfect point in the round for a drivable par 4 gamble. It played just a little bit on the easy side in this game for me though. The layup option short left, and the option to go for the green both offer great strategic options and appropriate risk/reward, but the third option of hitting 3-Wood or driver over the carry bunker and up the right side is just a bit too easy. The carry is short (220 yards I think) and the landing area wide - so I can understand why this was based on a longer par 4 idea originally. Just needed some narrowing of the fairway short right to make me think twice before blasting away, knowing it would leave a relatively simple chip and a putt birdie opp. In real life it would be about right I think, which keeps its realism in check. It's hard designing realistic courses that are also a challenge in this game - and maybe impossible to offer something with the right balance of both.

In summary, I think this is nothing short of an instant classic for PGA2000 (especially with the original texture set) and sits up there with the Coos Bay's and Woodford Park's that I also feel were game changers. Fantastic work Adam, you should be rightfully proud.
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