Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

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Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby BrianZ111 » March 9th, 2012, 4:49 pm

Course: Kewadin Prairie Lodge (22.1 MB)
Type: Fictional, Plains
Designer: Adam Brandt
Date: 3/9/2012
Images: Sp, #2, #18
Libraries Used: coosbay, cougar, hillbillyholler, inlandheath, podunklagoon, prairie
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby jwgriffingca » March 9th, 2012, 8:09 pm

I like this course a lot! I am very much a sucker for prairie-links courses, so the name and one glance at the screenshots made it an immediate download and quick 18.

It has a look and feel of a Sand Hills, in fact I was wondering if you used actual photos from Sand Hills or Dismal River for the pano? The textures, planting, and bunkering really sell the location and make it believeable. The simple details like the windmills and old car really add some character without being overdone.

I thought it had a lot of strategy and offered many interesting options - bunkers are well-placed to challenge good shots but not in a penal way, you offered room to skirt around them if the player didn't want to take on a more direct carry. The greens are very well done, I really liked the various shapes and sizes, and the contours were appropriate for the setting and style of the course. The greens will provide some significantly different challenges depending on where the holes are cut, which really makes a course hold interest for repeat play.

Very well done, Adam! Thanks for your time in designing the course and for sharing it!

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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby DC#1 » March 9th, 2012, 9:07 pm

You beat me by 45 minutes John. That is pretty much verbatim what I was going to say. The greens are very well done with good movement but not unfair. Textures blend well with the pano. Planting was good and not overdone. It's funny you mentioned Sand Hill because last night I was reading about course architecture on golfclubatlas and the course I read about was Sand Hill. A lot of the things I read about I saw incorporated in your course Adam. I really enjoyed playing your course. Thanks for the time and effort in making it for us.
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby ADC » March 9th, 2012, 11:58 pm

Nice job, man. I especially enjoyed all those long par 3's. Great variety. And I totally dig those greens, though the bunkering here is clearly the star of the show.

I congratulate you on the detail work as well. There is nothing drastically hidden here. Just major detail work. It is obvious you did not skimp. It can be frustratingly slow to go through a whole plot and make every little nook and cranny work, but you did. Great job.

Adam, you are one of my favorite designers. I have played Clarkston Country Club at least a dozen times, and you gave us the inimitable Glen Haven. I always look forward to your courses, and you definitely did not disappoint this time.
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby A Brandt » March 10th, 2012, 1:34 pm

Thanks for the comliments guys! I must admit, this course was a nightmare for me, mainly due to all the planting required. I'm not 100% happy with it either, but I lost my patience a long time ago. I started this course on 3/17/11, almost 1 year ago! I had to take several breaks from designing just from being burned out. I wanted a Sand Hills type course, but I got all of my inspiration from only 2 or 3 pics of the course in a book I have. I don't really know what the courses in Nebraska are like aside from that, but I think it came out pretty good. I have to give credit for the pano to LinksLegend, I believe it's from the actual Sand Hills course. He let me use it and tweak it slightly for this course and I thank him for that!
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby Terry Grayson » March 10th, 2012, 7:51 pm

Well Mr Adam has done it again... I tell you he is one of the very best designers going today!!!

I really enjoyed this course, the open vistas, views, and nicely designed and constructed everything..! ha!!

He has a great knack at making a course look realisitc, and very smooth in appearance! Since day one, his courses have always had a smooth appearance... very pleasing
terrain work that flows naturally between holes! He has gotten so much better with each release of realistic shots angles, and hole design strategy! Nicely placed bunkering
on this one Adam! Speaking of bunkers I really liked the construction and shapes of them! ..

I feel your pain on the plantings! I read your text file, and you can tell in areas where you just threw the old hands up and said, wheres the foresting tool and hit GO! ha ha...Stilll though it looks great... I have been in that boat way too many times to count... I would just get so aggravated working on a course for SO long and just start planting! Wanting to get it done and out of the way! I understand where you are coming from totally there..

Great greensites as well on this one! I had a great round... Little on the easy side as I shot -13 without using any setup at all except on the greens.. But that of course was on the first test at Short, Dry and Still... I cranked it up to Gusty about round 3 and tried my hand at taming it...played very fair in any conditions I thought...

Adam, hopefully you will hang around PGA and continue to build this great courses... You have a big fan of your style down in Lawndale NC!!!!

Great work bro!!! enjoyed it
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby A Brandt » March 11th, 2012, 12:02 am

Thanks Terry, I've always been a fan of your work as well, so hearing those words is very much appreciated! Ill definitely be sticking around here for a while. I'm gonna try my hand at designing some CPG/WGC courses soon, but I've got a couple PGA designs in the works too ;)
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby LinksLegend » March 11th, 2012, 2:40 pm

Glad you could tweak an use the pano mate - just wish I had a better method for reducing pixelation when sizing the pano for the library... And yes it is actually from Sand Hills. Will d/l and play when I get the chance.
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby sandwedge » March 12th, 2012, 3:51 pm


First of all, thanks so much for continuing to invest your time and effort into designing - I for one have appreciated your contributions in this way to our community.

What I liked: the look and feel of the course; the bunkering and the choice of textures; the placement of objects - there are few if any who do these things as well as you - your designs are amazingly smooth as has been previously mentioned and that is not easy to accomplish!!!

Some additional feedback: The oversized well - since the course is not real, I guess I should not say it has to be a certain size but it did appear to be out of place and scale. The slow re-draws - maybe because of a large number of objects on the course??? I run Windows 7 Home Premium and noticed a lag in the hole re-draws. The challenge of the course layout - the course looks great and plays easy so if you were going for a relaxing round of golf that looks good then you hit it perfectly!

I don't think there should be any question about this being an A-list course - there is none in my mind at least and I highly reccommend it for download! :)
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Re: Kewadin Prairie Lodge by Adam Brandt [New Course]

Postby tincup » March 12th, 2012, 4:10 pm

This course deserves a lot of kudos and few criticisms. It looks like a course you might see in Eastern Colorado... A little sparse, but still beautiful in a rugged sort of way. When we were playing it one of the guys said "where are the trees?". Answer: It's a prarie course doofus... lol.

The liberal use of traps keeps you honest and forces good shot placememt... but you can score low if you pay attention.

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