Forced design Choices in Architect?

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Forced design Choices in Architect?

Postby stillgolfing » September 24th, 2013, 6:35 pm

On some courses I see some design choices that are unrealistic or just don't suite my eye. Since I am not familiar with the Course Architect, I am not able to determine if these issues are forced on the designer by the idiosyncratic nature of the Course Architect (I'm assuming here that the Architect is as idiosyncratic as PGA 2000 itself) or, due to rendering complexity and program issues, it is just much more convenient and practical for the designer to follow a certain pre ordained visual route.

Knowing the issues associated with certain design choices would help me be more consistant in evaluating the courses I am playing.
The two main things that bug me, which I see on many courses are:

1) The "burled walnut" frame that defines the bunkers on many courses
2) Overly numerous white O/B stakes surrounding hazards that in real life would be red staked.

Any clarification regarding these course design features would be appreciated.
Cheers, Dave
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Re: Forced design Choices in Architect?

Postby DC#1 » December 9th, 2014, 9:02 am

Hi Dave, Sorry it took over a year to reply. I'm guessing you are talking about my course Sierra C.C. I probably did put to many O/B stakes but with the elevation changes I wanted to make sure everyone could clearly see where the O/B was. Next time if you have a comment on one of my courses let me know. That's how we all grow as designers. P.S. you won't offend me.
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