The Ridges Golf Course by Brian Zager [New Course]

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The Ridges Golf Course by Brian Zager [New Course]

Postby BrianZ111 » February 5th, 2013, 7:46 pm

Course: The Ridges Golf Course (128.23 MB)
Type: Real
Designer: Brian Zager
Date: 2/4/2013
Images: #1, #4, #6, #9, #12, #13, #14, #17


The Ridges Golf Course is a real course located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. It is 6,289 yards long and plays to a par of 72. The front 9 was built in 1963 and the back 9 was added later.

This rendition is mostly true to the original course. I did create a fictional tee on about half the holes that makes the course longer to keep the hazards in play for the 300+ yard drives of WGC. When playing the "WGC" tee, the tee markers that are black are fictional tees while the ones that are blue are the real blue tee. You can play from the real blue tees the whole round or any of the other real tees by choosing them in the game options. I find it fun to occasionally take the driver or even all woods out of the bag and play from these shorter tees.

The other disclaimer to the realism of this is that over the past few years, some of the bunkers on the course were removed or made smaller. I think the way they were before made the course more interesting so I left them in for this rendition. I did include some of the newer changes they made too though such as the concrete cart paths. So in a way this rendition is sort of a hybrid of old and new.

There are five pins on each hole: three normal pins, one easy pin and one hard. I did this because three pins do not make for enough variety in my opinion. If you need a consistent pin placement for tournaments or multiple groups playing online, choose either the easy or hard pin.

For more details about the process of building the course see the included text file or my website:

Hope you enjoy the course.

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